Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 12 (i'm playing catch up!)

Something I am OCD about.

PILLOWS. Particularly MY pillows. I have my basic head pillow, and then my beloved "snuggle" pillow. They can only wear a certain set of pillow cases that are soft and wonderful (and don't match my bedding, but whatever)

I emphatically do NOT ALLOW anyone else to lay on my pillows. I am a freak about flipping my head pillow over to the cool side a million times a night.

Shortly after Leta died, I decided to wash my beloved snuggle pillow. It is a king size synthetic down pillow and was looking kinda manky. So I filled the machine with hot water and bleach and soap and waited. Upon finish of the cycle I encountered a horrific site. My beloved pillow, the one I've had for 10 years, had ripped in the wash. The machine was full of wet pillow fluff. FILLED. I shrieked hysterically, sobbing and was incoherent, only able to point to the machine of death. Jim, confused as to what was happening, slowly opened the machine. Saw the destruction, and led me to lie down quietly while he scooped the remains out. This man, my husband, salvaged every last piece of fluff, put it back in the remains of the case, and sewed that pillow back together for me. He's a good man, that Jim :)


  1. i accidentally put my husband's mobile phone through the wash a couple of months after losing the baby. when i opened the machine at the end the flash was stuck on and it was saying 'insert SIM'. i was hysterical. i felt like i'd murdered the phone.

    to have killed your favourite pillow.... there are no words.

    i'm glad Jim put it back together for you!

    (I think i came here from the root of all evel. i'm sorry Leta isn't there with you)

  2. What a good guy you got there. :-)

  3. Will you ever dare to wash that pillow again? What a great husband to do all that work to save your beloved pillow!